The BodyHoliday ~
“Give us your body for a week and we’ll give you back your mind”

At the BodyHoliday, we make you a promise, “Give us your body for a week and we will give you back your mind”. The BodyHoliday is more than just a beautiful beach and amazing facilities. For most of our guests life can be challenging, stressful and frenetic. So your holiday should be rejuvenating; it should be about getting their energy levels back, ready to face life once again. You come to us to recharge, both mentally and physically.

At the heart of the promise is The Oasis, The Centre of Health & Well-Being, the Caribbean’s most award-winning spa, but we’re more than a spa. You can be assured that whatever your mind, body and spirit need, you will find it here.

You see the great thing about your holiday is that it is yours. You decide what you want to do and when you want to do it. The BodyHoliday just provides the choice – from the treatments and therapies at The Oasis Centre to the Coubaril Valley Tennis facility to the SCUBA diving, to the archery, the water-skiing, the award winning food at the TAO restaurant and one of the most stunning locations in the Caribbean

The Rendezvous ~
The Hotel for Couples

Rendezvous has always been one of the Caribbean’s special places. Set on the spectacular Malabar Beach, the resort sits on the edge of the Caribbean, lazily dipping its toe into the warm sea. An unspoilt location of golden sand and turquoise water it is the perfect combination of a cooling breeze and the warmth of the sun. Time moves at a gentle pace here and life is slow.

At Rendezvous we never assume that when you come to stay you will want to do loads nor do we impose activities on you, but we do offer you an amazing choice of activities from tennis to golf from archery to volleyball. We have state of the art water-sports, a First Class PADI Scuba Centre, two pools, a Jacuzzi and for when you are exhausted, there are really comfortable sun loungers for you to sink into and snooze away a few hours or curl up with a good book.

Now you can see why we say that couples can rediscover life’s pleasures ~ together.

The Villas of LeSport - Caribbean Investment Properties

Sunswept Estates are experts in St Lucian real estate. With extensive experience and knowledge in the island’s development over the last 30 years, Sunswept Estates can offer sound advice to anyone looking to invest in property in the beautiful Caribbean island of St Lucia.

Sunswept Estates is also the exclusive agent for some of the island’s key real estate developments. For both the developer and the buyer, Sunswept Estates offers reliable and considered advice on real estate in St Lucia and how interested parties can benefit from investing money in this Caribbean paradise.

Sunswept Specialist Programme ~
Our way of saying thank you

Since we first set up business on the fabulous island of St Lucia back in the 1960’s, Sunswept Resorts has been at the forefront of the travel industry. Rendezvous, the worlds first boutique hotel for couples and The BodyHoliday a centre for health and wellbeing that was a first too; not just in the Caribbean but also around the world.

So it will come as no surprise to see Sunswept Resorts now being at the leading edge of the travel industry as it sets up the Sunswept Specialist Programme program - a program that not only rewards our partners for booking guests into our resorts, but also enables you to access a vast library of information and tools, as well as access to our dedicated team of advisers.

On this website we will outline how you can get involved, why you should take part, the rewards available to you as a Preferred Agent and you can manage your account with us too.

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