Understanding the difference between a Primary Wellness Traveler and a Secondary Wellness Traveler.

A primary wellness traveler is someone who specifically plans a trip with the primary purpose of focusing on their well-being. They prioritize activities and destinations that promote physical, mental, and emotional health. They might seek out destinations known for their natural beauty, such as serene beaches or picturesque mountains, where they can engage in activities like yoga, meditation, spa treatments, or outdoor adventures. Primary wellness travelers are dedicated to their wellness goals and are willing to invest time and resources to achieve them.

On the other hand, a secondary wellness traveler is someone who incorporates wellness activities or experiences into their trip, but it is not the primary focus of their travel. For example, they might incorporate a spa day, yoga class, or a hike into their itinerary, but these activities are not the sole purpose of their trip. They might prioritize sightseeing, cultural experiences, or other aspects of travel, and view the wellness activities as an added bonus or way to enhance their overall travel experience.

Both primary and secondary wellness travelers acknowledge the importance of taking care of their well-being while traveling, but the primary wellness traveler places wellness as the central focus of their trip, while the secondary wellness traveler includes wellness activities as part of a broader travel experience.

BodyHoliday provides for the needs of both these groups. Unlike the majority of resorts who claim they have a “spa”, BodyHoliday can offer the “secondary wellness traveler, the quality and expertise that will satisfy their goals. The Wellness Clinic and Ayurvedic Temple provide professional services at the next level, in line with the needs of the “primary wellness traveler”.